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What we clear
 We clear houses, offices, hotels, flats, shops, attics, basements, garages, sheds, outbuildings, and all other properties.
All items within a property are cleared, for example, furniture, bric-a-brac, bedding, clothing, kitchen items, electrical goods, garden items, shed and garage contents including timber, paints, tools, rubbish, broken items, scrap metal.


 Quotes can be given over the phone within just five minutes, however on the rare occasion where there are very unusual circumstances, we can arrange to view the property at a time convenient to you.

We will provide a full personal quotation for the clearance depending on the amount to be cleared together with vehicular access, (free of charge and with no obligation).   You can be assured, that the price we give will be the price you pay, with NO hidden extras.


 Each clearance will be undertaken to the specification of the customer.

We will require a full postal address of the property to be cleared, together with a full postal address of the customer, (if different) including a contact telephone number.

Once the price is agreed we will arrange prompt clearance to the customer’s requirements.

Payment will be made upon completion of the agreed work, by cheque or cash.   Small/large offices or other buildings domestic or commercial, will be priced individually on inspection.   All items cleared become the property of House2Clear? House Clearance
Items will be disposed of in a reliable and responsible way, including re-selling, reusing, donating to charity and recycling.

All personal information within the contents will be securely disposed of.

If no electricity is available  in the property, carpets,(except for long pile) will be swept instead of vacuumed.

Asbestos or plasterboard of any kind can not be removed.

Access To The Property

  For customers that are not local, and find it difficult to travel all the way to the property to open up on the day of the clearance, we are able to liase with neighbours, solicitors, estate agents, or even receive the key in the post, (this is quite safe providing that you do not include the address of the property in the same envelope). 
If you provide an e-mail address we can provide you with photos of the completed clearance, before payment is sent.

House Clearance

There is no need for any preparation work by our customers before we arrive, we will supply all boxes and packaging materials and do all the hard work for you.

Properties requiring this service will receive the following: All furniture and effects will be removed from the property as agreed by the customer.

Vacuuming and general cleaning of the property will be carried out before completion.

Items that need to be left should be highlighted and signed off before a price is agreed.

A small number of items in the attic/loft, garage shed or garden are included in a clearance, however larger amounts may incur further charges.

Clearance extras can include : removal of carpets, attic, cellar, garage, workshop, gardening to include grass and hedge cutting.

Large or heavy items may need to be dismantled, broken down, by us to aid the removal for health and safety reasons.  It will not be necessary for our customers to pay for a skip, we will clear all rubbish as well!  

Partial Clearance

  We are able to offer our customers only needing a partial clearance, eg. sparsely furnished, attic, garage or shed/workshop etc a substantial discount on a full clearance, with this service the after clearance cleaning is not completed.

Uninhabitable / Hoarded Property Clearance

  We also offer uninhabitable / hoarded property clearance, this service is for properties that are deemed as uninhabitable due to previous rodent or other pest infestation, or for very neglected properties.   This service will include on top of the normal clearance, the removal of all carpets, underlay and curtains, we will also use a disinfectant on the bare floor, (Due to the use of this disinfecting, the property will require airing and drying by having the doors and windows open for a couple of days after the clearance has been completed). This would normally be the responsibility of the customer.  

Garden Tidy Up

This service is only offered to our clearance customers and is not offered as a stand alone service.   Here the garden will be strimmed and mown, if needed hedges can be cut, large weeds can be removed and a general tidy up to finish.   A guide price can be given over the phone, however a more accurate price will be given on inspection of the site. 

Vehicle And Large Item Removal

This service is only offered to our clearance customers and is not offered as a stand alone service.   We can also arrange removal of vehicles including cars, vans, motorcycles, trailers and caravans normally free of charge.  

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